Personalized Representation.

The Law Office of Gary A. Laurie, Esq., LLC is a full-service entertainment and intellectual property law firm. For over 15 years, the firm has been protecting and enforcing its clients’ intellectual property rights as well as negotiating content deals on both the production and talent side of the table. With a focus on entertainment, intellectual property, and corporate matters, we are in a position to offer a full range of services to artists, businesses and individuals.

The firm’s intellectual property practice provides a complete range of transactional services for domestic and international companies. In addition to registering trademarks and copyrights throughout the United States and abroad, we assist clients in exploiting their intellectual property rights as well as counsel clients concerning the validity and valuation of intellectual property.

Any lawyer can draft a contract. But when drafting and negotiating a recording agreement, licensing agreement or content distribution deal, they must know enough about the how those industries function to create the best outcome for their clients. Where does the money come from? And how does it get to me?

You can pay a large law firm twice as much for the same caliber of work that we provide. But when you call them with a quick question and they take three days to return your call, don’t hesitate to call us. Being a small firm, we provide personalized representation and support for your artistic endeavors at a reasonable cost.